Rush Delivery

Rush Orders:

Rush orders can be placed with by inserting a comment at check-out or by including your comment in the designated area if you are using a punch-out or OCI system. Sometimes the best way to place a rush order is to indicate a need by date which allows our team to ship your product(s) in the most economical manor. Many clients need expedited delivery for large orders with multiple titles and a fill-ratio system works well, for example; 50/25/25, where we will ship 50% of the order immediately upon receipt, then the next 25% (which may include Print-on-Demand titles, and then the balance when released by the publisher(s). In any case clear communication of your requirements is the best way to ensure you products arrive on time.

We can ship overnight via FedEx and add to your invoice or use your FedEx or UPS collect account, and expedited shipping can be added as a line item to your order if paying by purchase order.

Please contact our customer service department by phone, (800) 986-1775, or by email,